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Taking the first step and planning ahead can be a convenient step for your loved ones. Often it is uncertain as to how one wants to be remembered so pre-planning is an ideal way to help your loved ones remember you.


If a loved one has passed away, we can help you to plan a cremation and memorial service. We offer a full range of options and can facilitate most special considerations. Learn more about our services.


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If you have a specific question then feel free to contact us. We can help with pre-planning or preparation in case a loved one has already passed away. Our staff is considerate, open minded and courtious.

Elegant Cremate Services for the Sacramento Area

Cremation services are a growing choice in the funeral market. Our cremation process is efficient, very cost-effective, and coordinated with ease. The process should be a memorable event to honor a passed loved one.

The details and emotions for a family who has lost a loved one can be overwhelming but it does not have to be that way.

Skylight procoess is simple and requires only a few decisions. In most cases, the price of cremation cost much less than other funeral services and they are considered to be a more ecological use of natural resources. This helps the planet and it frees a mourning family from unnecessary financial burdens.

All The Right Things

Your loved ones probably wanted to be remembered in a certain way. Our staff will do an excellent job of ensuring that the memories of your loved one is honored and revered during this special time.

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Our Sacramento Funeral Homes Services

A cremation may follow a funeral service or can occur before a memorial service. It is up to the family to decide whether or not to have a traditional casket service before the cremation process.

In some cases, a family would like to proceed with a cremation, and then have a memorial service in which the urn is displayed.

Traditionally, the urn is accompanied by a picture of the deceased along with a spray of flowers. In terms of foresight, preplanning one’s own cremation is a graceful gift given to the family, so that they do not have to make decisions during a time of mourning.

Disposition of Remains

After the funeral, memorial and cremation, a family can choose to scatter the remains in an appropriate location, deposit the urn in a gravesite, or keep the urn in an agreed upon location.

The sort of cremation service utilized necessitates some elements of this decision. For example, ashes could be scattered at sea from the side of a boat and in this case when families scatter ashes at sea they tend to also scatter flower petals on the body of water.

 A cremation funeral service can be similar to traditional casket service. A cremation service is a thoughtful way to honor a lost loved one, and the cost of cremation does not impose any significant burdens upon loved ones.

The same degree of planning for a funeral or memorial service is what goes into preparing for a cremation service. The final result is a beautiful memorial that recognizes the love and honor for the departed loved one.

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